Captain Guezk'h

Executive Officer of the Frey Bug


Guezk’h is Captain Reshirt’s executive officer and has also been one of his chief rivals. The two have traded the office of captain back and forth due to their tradition of dueling for offices in very public (and publicized) “cultural exchange” events on their port worlds. After their duel on Debarre, Fermi Meat Redshirt had to be carried away on a stretcher with medics in attendance. A couple months later, on the Sky City of Mire, Guezk’h almost died on the arena floor from the savaging Fermi gave him in retaliation. Fortunately for all parties, Guezk’h was able to be revived by medics and made a full recovery.
Since this last incident, Guezk’h has been much more content in his secondary position.


Captain Guezk'h

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