Golden Apple

A mysterious "tool" of the Count Aki


Appears to be a Droyne of the Warrior caste. Heavily armored, and with substantial psionic abilities. Somehow compelled to do the bidding of Count Domonicus of Aki, despite the Count’s acknowledgement that the Apple “hates [his] guts.”


Overcame Darla with a psionic assault and was invisibly approaching her physical form when Fermi hit it with a full-auto burst from his PGMP. The attack drew blood from the Golden Apple and forced it to retreat into space and vanish again. The Rogues were able to nonetheless track it back to its home, the aptly named “Apple Island,” a flying island of sacred and mythological significance to the True Galactic Church.

Discovering that it is essentially a slave to Count Aki, the Rogues have been debating freeing it.

Golden Apple

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