Brigadier-General, Lord Fermi Meat Redshirt Trane; Baron Redshirt, KCpUG, KWS

Brigadier-General of "Fermi's Roughnecks"


Baron Redshirt (Rank)
Husband of Lady-Exchequer, Governor Grax Redshirt Trane, KG, Imperial Legate to the planet Trane.

Brigadier-General, 1st Imperial Usdiki Rangers (“Fermi’s Roughnecks”)
. CO (“Captain”) of the CNS Frey Bug
. Adjutant toAdmiral McClain
Captain in Trane System Defense Force
Knight Captian of the Honorable Order of the Imperial Usdiki Guard (KUG)
Knight of the White Star (KWS)

Combat and Combat Command Ribbons: Return to Usdiki, 1st and 2nd Battles of Munnarn



Born to Imperial Vargr within the Third Imperium of Man, Fermi has spent most of his life interfacing between traditional Vargr in the Extents and enculturated Varger communities in the Imperium.

Fermi has done both military and academic/diplomatic service for various both Vargr and Imperial powers.

He fell on hard times during the Fifth Frontier War, and was jailed on Roup for an attempted bank robbery. The authorities on Roup transferred him to the Rogues as a conscript crewman. Once on the Dolorous Hauberk, Fermi used his substantial charisma to take charge of the Vargr contingent among the crew. Captain Sir Orkin was sufficiently impressed by this to give him command of his own ship (the Lego Lord, which Fermi almost immediately renamed the “Frey Bug”) and command over most of the Vargr among the Rogues.

His policy of basing promotions and status on public melee combat tournaments has lead to him losing his Captains position to his first officer, and then having to viciously win it back in a public spectacle.

Shortly before the crisis in Glisten, Fermi was officially assigned as Adjutant to Commodore McClain.

Fermi received magical teeth and claws during his adventures through the Worm Gate.
Befriended Emperor Strephon, whom they discovered in a low-berth… despite having supposedly been assassinated.

Helped the Emperor return to his vacation palace on Usdiki, and establish himself there against the rebellious factions. For his part in this, Fermi received knighthoods in the Honorable Order of Imperial Usdiki Guard and the Order of the White Star.

While trying to recruit the royal family of Munnarn to Strephon’s cause, inadvertently unleashed an invasion of dimension-hopping, pony-sized spiders on the planet. The planet had to be evacuated and interdicted.

Returned to Munnarn after the evactuation/retreat. Had Vog open a portal in front of the Judgement’s spinal mount. Burned out a section of webbing in the Fog. Established a foothold there… and Erdiduke was able to open a portal to The Immortal City of Pandius. Met and negotiated with members of the Hierarchy of the Spheres, an organization of immortal beings from the Mystara system.

On Holiday 1114 Fermi was named “Baron Redshirt” by Strephon, and appointed Brigadier-General of the First Imperial Usdiki Rangers. The first assignment of the Rangers will be the retaking of the Munnarn Highport and Shipyards.

Lord Fermi recieved a “Time Disk” from Khoronous with instructions to start a time force. Now he is establishing a base in the “Time Stream” and exploring the strange features of that dimension.

Lord Fermi was elected to a position on the Rogues Executive Committee when Prince Orkin “ascended” without having declared a clear line of succession.

Brigadier-General, Lord Fermi Meat Redshirt Trane; Baron Redshirt, KCpUG, KWS

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