DOOer Emeria Sovant

DOOer of Roguhu Hold


Technically the final CEO of Copperhead Industries, Emeria Sovant had been the final person willing to take on the title when Roguhu’s Rogues finally showed up to take over the flagship spacestation of the beaten corporation. Captain Xi Nitar, leader of the Rogues, gave her the opportunity to maintain the role with a new, and subordinate title.
Sovant jumped at the opportunity, and has been a faithful and efficient overseer.
Eventually Captain Dr. Nitar was promoted to system Commodore. Then, less than a year later, he died by apparent suicide.
DOOer Emeria and Captain Orkin arranged, during the Holiday 1111 festivities on Zai-5, that She would run the Rogues/Special Research Division in-system interests, from Roguhu Hold, and he would coordinate their out-of-system interests from the Dolorous Hauberk.

Emeria Sovant is, thus, now one of the two power-sharing leaders of the Rogues.

DOOer Emeria Sovant

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