Duchess Avaraja hault Astaarte Muktheswara

High Imperial Duchess of the Glisten Subsector


Only offspring of the previous Duke, Alselm Muktheswara, the Duchess Avaraja was born and raised to rule the Glisten Subsector on behalf of the Emperor of the Third Imperium of Man.

The Duchess was an avid supporter of scientific advancement, research, and exploration. She donated generously to various institutes and laboratories both in the Glisten System itself, and throughout the Glisten Subsector and surrounding regions (especially District 268). She was a vocal proponent of the Imperium incorporating the adjacent District 268 Subsector and opening it for official colonization efforts.

The Duchess Avaraja was one of the victims of the dangerous “virus” that devastated Glisten. The outbreaks of murderous violence and destructive rage that the virus produces in its victims erupted suddenly on the morning of 002-1112, when (based on Investigators’ reconstructions) an unidentified Traffic Control officer for the Glisten Coordinating Authority deliberately redirected three vessels authorized for high-speed intra-system travel into a simultaneous intercept course with the Duchesses yacht. According to official reports, the impacts killed the Duchess, the Count of Glisten, and the Count of Aki, among other diplomats, officials, and serving staff aboard the Yacht.

Similar events, some much more personal and bloody, almost immediately began to occur throughout the Glisten System. Conflicting reports claim that the Duchess (still alive apparently) was seen elsewhere in the system, either with an entourage of Imperial Marines (acting as if nothing was amiss) or as an angry rampaging monster in tattered once-regal robes toting a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

The trauma of the event, as well as the effects of the still mysterious virus, might help explain the conflicting reports about the Duchess as well as various other dignitaries who crowds of people claim to have seen in multiple places, at the same time, often acting with homicidal rage. Hallucinatory effects have still not been ruled out as one of the effects of the mystery virus.

Count Villesoth hault Ireem Astaarte, High Imperial Count of Tirem, who happened to be in-system when the Chaos ensued, stepped in to take over the reigns of the sub-sector level Imperial Government. Count Villesoth has taken the title “Duke Regent” to represent his temporary (and un-confirmed by Emperor Strephon) role as the ranking sub-sector high noble.

Duchess Avaraja hault Astaarte Muktheswara

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