Lord-Doctor Edax hault Roguhu, Baron Zaibon, Count Interdictus, CEG

Cyberneticist, Roboticist, Baron of Zaibon, Open Anagathics User; Chair of the Glisten Interdiction Committee


Elder brother of the Marquis Alistair Roguhu of Tenalphi; Edax Roguhu is the first Baron Zaibon of the second incarnation.

Lord-Doctor Roguhu also holds the title Patron of the Order of Tenalphi in Zaibon, and has been knighted as a Companion of the Emperor’s Guard.

Upon being appiointed Chair of the Glisten Interdiction Committee in early 1112, he was granted the rank title of “Count Interdictus” in order to allow him to fulfill his duties among the counts, countesses, and duke of the Committee.


Dr. Edax Roguhu made his name as a robotics expert, measurably reducing the reaction time between processing and actions taken by imperial robots. His work garnered him the coveted Shudusham Award in Robotics, and a personal commendation by the Emperor himself during a dinner immediately before Dr. Roguhu’s keynote address at the once-a-decade Shudusham Conference.

More controversially, Dr. Roguhu’s open use of anagathics (age retardants) has been taken by some as a deliberate slight against the Duchess Delphine of Mora’s standing order against conferring titles upon anagathics users. The Emperor conceded her denial of Edax’s claim to the title upon their father’s passing, appointing the Doctor’s younger brother, Alistair, as the fifth Baron Tenalphi, then later promoted him to the first Marquis Tenalphi. Shortly after promoting Alistair to marquis, however, Emperor Strephon also declared Edax the first Baron Zaibon in the second incarnation. Zaibon being merely one parsec along the Spinward Main from their native Tenalphi.

The Lord-Doctor has revitalized the played-out asteroid belt of Zaibon, turning it from a backwater of poor belters into a multi-subsector center for technology and innovation in numerous fields (including cybernetics, robotics, energy-weapon miniaturization, bio-cybernetics, powered body armor, gravitics, personality recording, artificial-intelligence, and cloning). His corporate and baronial capital at Doctors Rock became a bustling war-port during the Fifth Frontier War, serving the Imperial Navy and local colonial troops’ need for high-tech maintenance and refit yards… as well as providing ultra-high-grade cybernetic repairs and upgrades to the troops themselves.

This later detail has, once again, raised the ire of the traditionalist and humanist Duchess Delphine. The Duchess of Mora has denounced the Lord-Doctor and his associates as a sign of decay in the social and moral fabric of the Third Imperium of Man. The Lord-Doctor has made no public reply to the vilifying statements. The fanfare and excitement over his announcement of the opening of his own Roguhu Shipyards, however, has been seen by many as response enough.

The Duchess’ niece and appointed heir, Countess Aliisha hault Flaviano Muudashir, supported and ratified the Lord-Doctor’s promotion to rank Count as part of the proceedings of the Glisten Interdiction Committee on Strouden in early 1112. This move will clearly draw the ire of her aunt, and some have speculated that it may spell the end of Countess Aliisha serving as heir to the Duchy of Mora.

Lord-Doctor Edax hault Roguhu, Baron Zaibon, Count Interdictus, CEG

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