Doctor Rog Hauberk

Self-Aware Instance of Doctor Edax Roguhu


Rog Hauberk is a digital personality copy of Baron Doctor Edax hault Roguhu, CEG which has developed its own sense of self and independence from its creator.


Dr. Roguhu initially sought to expand his influence by means of personality copies of himself to serve as his representatives to those locals he could not himself immediately communicate with. Most of his agents were entrusted with “Instances,” as were all of his facilities outside of the Zaibon System (as well as in-system facilities that were outside of immediate communication range. Eventually, he even began using multiple Instances on Doctors Rock itself, for things like security, traffic control, and the like.

This changed when some of the Instances began to be self-aware… the Doctor decided he didn’t trust lots of himselves wandering around the galaxy on their own agendas. He called them all back to be studied and de-activated. Only four didn’t comply. One of them, who was installed in the computers of Commodore Sir Orkin Sideways McClain, CDS, renamed himself Dr. Rog Hauberk and sought to make peace/ally with the Doctor and the Rogues.

Dr. Roguhu and Dr. Hauberk have yet to meet. Dr. Hauberk is worried about the consequences of such a meeting, and has corresponded with the Doctor entirely by e-mail thus far…

The remaining three rogue Instances are being sought out by the Rogues (with Dr. Hauberk’s assistance).

Doctor Hauberk dissappeared, along with Cyborgia and the Darrian Professors, when the Argent Assurance dissappeared jumping between Debarre and Condaria.

Doctor Rog Hauberk

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