Commander Cyborgia

(a.k.a. "Miss Hither the Second"; formerly known as: "Luther Alphonse Zazben")


Cyborgia is a fabulous and statuesque transgender woman with all of her original plumbing… plus a few upgrades of various sorts. More machine than human, and 96% woman.


Luther Alphonse Zazben was a corporate espionage agent for the Al Morai Corporation. He stumbled upon a company research project, labeled simply #42… who didn’t want to be a research project anymore. With the help of a sketchy ex-Scout named Pollo Diablo he smuggled the “project” who he gave the name “Sklylar” out of the Shirene System to a hidden deep-space station known only as “the Drifters’ Commune.” There, the trio managed to steal an already stolen high-tech Imperial stealth ship and, after helping institute a local coup, jumped away.

They eventually ended up in the Zaibon System, working for an eccentric, mad-scientist nobleman named Dr. Roguhu. In Zaibon, Luther began to go by the name “Miss Hither the Second” and when the rest of the newly minted Rogues were getting their first cybernetic upgrades from the good Doctor, “she” got a few cosmetic changes as well (though the original biological sexual functions have been only very slightly modified). By the time she fell in love with the reformed man-killing Ai Allie, she was going by her current moniker, “Cyborgia.”

Early in the Fifth Frontier War, shortly after Allie received her liquid-metal body as a random gift from the enigmatic “archaeologist” Zhodavian, the pair “retired” to a private hunting lodge on the hunting-preserve planet Debarre in the Darrian Subsector to “raise a family.”

Much to Cyborgia’s chagrin, “raising a family” meant “incubating” them in a Virtual Environment housed in a secret basement lab, allowing them to learn about the world but not touch it. This was deemed necessary after their first “child” Trogdor, followed in his mother’s footsteps and turned man-killer, but it still drove a wedge between the previously so infatuated pair. Allie retreated to her dungeon labs while Cyborgia took an opposite route, cultivating a career as an aristocratic hunting guide. She also came to spend what some saw as an “inordinate” amount of time in the private company of the Baroness Sillia Harrison, the personal owner of the planet, as well as the majority of its corporate lumber and tourism industries.

Cyborgia also became, somewhat unwittingly, a celebrity representative for the cause of cyborg-rights. She was an openly, even proudly, cyborged hunting guide on a world whose strict technological preservation laws prevented her from even setting foot on the vast majority of the planet. Some cyborgs and transhumanists of the interstellar region came to see her as a public beacon of their struggles for acceptance in “Imperial” culture.

In mid 1111, a little over four years after her “retirement,” Cyborgia rejoined the Rogues as an active member, being given the rank “Commander” in the organization she once helped found.

Captain Orkin was leading his Rogue Expeditionary Force One on a mission to collect rogue (ha!) instances of their patron, Dr. Roguhu who were loose in the universe when chance brought them to the planet Debarre. Orkin and his liuetenants begged both Allie and Cyborgia to rejoin them on their hunt. Allie politely turned them down, citing her secret and sensitive “maternal” duties.

Cyborgia, however, jumped at the opportunity to head back to the stars; and adventure on a grander scale than hunting Debarrian Thrashers or flaunting backwater social norms.

Captain Orkin has placed the newly minted Commander in charge of the handfull of Darrian professors who volunteered to join the Rogues on the Darrian Capital of Mire.

She dissapeared, along with the Darrian Professors and Doctor Roj Hauberk, when the Argent Assurance dissappeared jumping between Debarre and Condaria. It was only her second mission back with the Rogues.

Commander Cyborgia

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