Count Domonicus of Aki, Count (Prince) of Aki

High Imperial Count of Aki


Count Domonicus is the latest of a long succession (long pre-Imperial) of dynastic rulers of the planet Aki. A distant ancestor of his supposedly defeated a demon called the “Golden Apple” and “bound it into his wrist” in order to wrest control of the planet from it. The “Princes of Aki,” later (with Imperial membership) the “Counts of Aki,” have been the leading citizens, if not the outright rulers, of the Planet Aki ever since.

Domonicus was raised to rule the world of Aki and the Interstellar County of Aki. During the rule of his father the young Domonicus was best known as a capable eel-rider in the Zero-G sport of K’iigurshi. He is a popular ruler, holding court weekly at his estate, Florentii, and receiving all visitors.

He has no brothers or sisters, and neither spouse nor offspring. His heir is his cousin, the Marquessa Adoré.


The Count was one of those believed killed in the Chaos in Glisten of 1112. However, a few weeks later the Count announced that it was simply a body double who was killed and that he was offering sanctuary and rehabilitation to “all who suffer from the Glisten Virus.”

This raised lots of suspicion among those who knew about the simulacrum/nanobot problems behind the so called “virus.” Was the Count Aki actually a “Xi”?

Count Villesoth, acting Duke-Regent of Glisten, ordered Commodore Sir Orkin and his Task Force to investigate the question, and to “eliminate” Domonicus if he was a Xi. Sir Vesta Jones was also ordered to investigate the question (along with “Vesta’s Doctor” and a team of covert-ops masterson clones), by Dr. Roguhu himself. The two former team-mates quietly met up on Aki and exchanged notes during the operation.

The Count turned out to be a simulacrum, but a local, indigenous version… without a Xi Nitar infested secondary nervous system. Sir Orkin declared him safe and free of infection. Official word given to the Duke-Regent: “Count Domonicus of Aki is not a Xi.”

Sir Vesta will bring news back to Doctor’s Rock that Count Domonicus is a Simulacrum who adheres to the “Doctrine of Aki”… in short: “There should be only one of you at a time.” She will also bring back the Count’s specifications and instructions for “backup” devices, which update from users and activate replacement simulacrum if their current body dies.

Count Domonicus of Aki, Count (Prince) of Aki

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