Captain Evin Illrick

CO of the Darrian Military Base in the Spume System; Secretly Special Arm


Evin Illrick is a command level officer in the Darrian Confederation Navy, as well (it turns out) as an officer of the Darrian “Secret Service,” the Elite Darrian Special Arm, and a trained Telepath.


When the Rogues entered the Spume System looking to make contact with the Darrian’s about a “special package” they were carrying, Captain Illrick was already aware that they would be coming.

He was, however, surprised by one of the packages they provided. Alarmed in fact. Alarmed enough to abandon his command on Spume to travel with the Rogues to the Darrian Capitol of Mire and report about it directly to his superiors in person.

Captain Evin Illrick

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