(Arch)-Duke of Antares


For ten generations, Brzk’s family have served the Third Imperium of Man as the Arch-Dukes of Antares. The most notable Vargr noble family of the Imperium, the (Arch)Dukes of Antares have long served as role models for Vargr, as well as other non-human citizens.

Admiral Soegz, first of the family, was appointed to his post for his loyal support to Arbellatra in the final years of the Civil War.

Brzk was named Archduke in 1064, upon his father’s death.

On Holiday 1113, Emperor Lucan disbanded the Imperial Moot, dismantled the Domain structure, and eliminated the role of Arch-Duke; thus demoting Brzk to the title Duke of Antares.

On 178-1113, after escaping the new Emperor’s persecutions on Capital, Duke Brzk made his “Kaskii Pronouncement,” declaring Lucan the “Mad Emperor” and calling for loyal Imperials to rise up against his unauthorized rule.



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