Baronet Illestair Praukun

Reclusive Ruler of the Planet Zai-5


Illestair Praukun was a decorated war hero of the Third Frontier War. He was granted a baronet and a small fief on a minor world in the out of the way Zaibon System.
When the Fifth Frontier War broke out, the Baronet answered the call of the Viscount Rabwhar and gathered his own and other volunteer and mercenary forces together and departed for Rabwhar and/or places beyond, to fight Zhodani, Sword Worlders, Vargr raiders, and all others hostile to the Third Imperium of Man.
Among those who he gathered to him was Major Payne of Squatters Rock and his ship the Ready Reaver (operated by the Riven Crew).
He has not been heard from since.

Baronet Praukun is clearly a user of anagathics, if not other additional means of cheating age and death.

Baronet Illestair Praukun

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