Baroness Sillia Harrison

Baroness and Owner of the Planet Debarre, Imperial "Client."


Baroness of Debarre. Owner and CEO of the Harrisons Corporation.


The youngest child and only daughter of the late Governor Deniel Harrison, Sillia Harrison never expected to inherit the company and planet. When her father and two elder brothers were killed in a series of nuclear assaults on Debarre, the governor’s daughter suddenly found herself the only viable heir available.

In her transition from socialite to corporate leader and planetary ruler, Sillia Harrison was supported by military and logistics assistance from nearly Imperial systems to consolidate and re-affirm her power. With the legitimation of Imperial support, she adopted the title Baroness (more in keeping with Imperial standards of governance).

Her reign has seen a lessening of Aslan power on the planet, and a corresponding decrease in agitation and conflict between Aslan and Human settlements. Her cautious diplomatic policies have earned her a greater popularity among her constituents than that enjoyed by her father, who had a reputation for ruthless maintenance of power and is widely suspected of having had more than one up-and-coming business rivals spectacularly assassinated.


Baroness Sillia Harrison

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