Vargr Rogue


B’tier was a friend of Orkin’s, who on a dare during a drinking match at the Bar on Doctors Rock joined the Rogues on a mission to Quiru and back to retrieve some special crystals for the Doctor’s research.
On the way home from this trip, the rest of the crew where fighting Zhodani commandos on the wreckage of a gazelle class close escort. B’tier was the only Rogue on the Stealth Ship to see one of the supposedly drifting bodies wake up and make eye-contact with him (through a sensor feed), then vanish. Shortly after, he heard someone knock on the cockpit door. . B’tier vented the rear end of the ship to vacuum and launched the thing into space… he tried to bring the Stealth Ship’s guns to bear on whatever it was… but it vanished again.
B’tier never overcame the paranoia of space travel that this incident induced, never leaving Doctors Rock again for the remaining year of his life. His time with the Rogues gave him the money and connections to become part of the Doctor’s close establishment. He was killed in the Doctor’s dining room, sitting across the table from the Doctor, during the Invasion of Doctors Rock by members of the Outworld Coalition.



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