Roguhu’s Rogues are a regiment of privateer huscarls serving the cybernetics-doctor/roboticist, Doctor Edax Roguhu, the First Baron Zaibon.

The current holdings of Rogues Expeditionary Force One include:

Five Starships:
Rogue Gazelle One – a 400 ton Gazelle-class close escort: curently stationed at Roguhu Hold
The Matron Gadgetron – a 600 ton “Q-Yacht”/Corsair: Commanded by: Captain Ohla Gadgetron’ka
“The Stealth Ship” – a heavily upgraded 100 ton Gi….. class Stealth Scout Ship.
Commanded by: Captain Sir Veinte Uno Diablo Masterson IV, CDS
CNS Odin- a 75,000 ton former Azhanti High Lightning Class Fleet Intruder that over its hundred plus year life was scrapped by the Imperial Navy after serving decades as a fuel tanker. Now refit as an Escort Tender. Commanded by: Commodore Sir Orkin Sideways McClain, CDS
The CNS Frey Bug – A 2,000 ton Modular Freighter which Orkin has configured as a Heavy Frigate/Light Destroyer. Commanded by Lieutenant-Commander Fermi Meat Redshirt and crewed by his Vargr pack.
The IMOJ Perfected Blade – 1,000 ton “Inquisatorial Cruiser,” captured from the Impenetrable Kinship and renamed. Commanded by Aelis Min Honin, Chief Adept (among Orkin’s Rogues) of the Nag-Sai Order.

Four Roguhu Industries Heavy Battle Platforms,

Roguhu's Rogues

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